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Ace Mold Inspection LLC. is a certified mold inspection company that inspects and tests for mold in residential homes, condos, apartments, boats and anywhere else mold grows. A certified mold inspector will conduct every test and inspection using the best equipment available in the industry.

Our mold inspection services include a thorough mold inspection and mold testing (using air samples, swabs, carpet sampling and bulk), accompanied by a full report to discuss our finding and give recommendations.

Ace Mold Inspection does not get involved in the remediation process, due to conflict of interest.


Do you have problems with allergies, sinusitis, headaches or unexplained health complaints? Do you have musty odors, floods or small or large leaks? Don't wait, you may have mold.

Ace Certified Mold Inspection (ACMI) is a certified mold inspection company that specializes in consultation, inspections, testing and analysis for mold in residential properties. ACMI performs moisture analysis, surface samples, carpet samples, and air samples. Our services are used by individuals who know or suspect they have a mold problem. ACMI samples are sent to a certified microbiology laboratory for identification. ACMI prepares a full detailed report to discuss our findings and give general recommendations.

Mold is part of the natural environment. Outdoors, mold plays an important part in nature by breaking down dead organic matters such as fallen leaves and dead trees, but indoors, mold growth should be avoided. Molds reproduce by means of tiny spores. The spores are invisible to the naked eye and can flow through outdoor and indoor air. Mold may begin growing indoors when mold spores land on surfaces that are damp. There are many types of mold, but none of them will grow without moisture.

Real Estate Agents can call us for consultation on transactions, where the house inspector has seen what is believed to be a mold problem and would like a professional evaluation. We also do many pre-listing mold Inspections to Make sure the home is mold free or at acceptable levels.

Many Mortgage and Real Estate Brokers are now asking for a professional mold inspection and report along with a home inspection. It is becoming a regular practice to have these tests done prior to closing. Remember that most home inspectors are not qualified to inspect for mold.

Individuals sensitized to the presence of mold can call us for an inspection and testing, before purchasing or renting a home or apartment. Today there are lots of unoccupied foreclosed homes, sitting for months without electricity or heat, today's homes are meant to be energy efficient, (keeping the elements out, or in) so any water intrusion can create a mold problem. Some unscrupulous sellers will paint over mold, only to have it return a few weeks after you move in.

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Ace Mold Inspection performs certified mold testing, carpet mold sampling, indoor air quality testing, surface mold sample, bulk mold sampling.

Air Samples:

This is a more inclusive type of test that will let you know what is in the air you are breathing. All air samples will be completed using Zefon spore trap cassettes (Air-O-CellĀ®) to ensure the most reliable results. The Air-O-CellĀ® is designed for the rapid collection of a wide range of airborne aerosols including mold spores, pollen, insect parts, skin cells, fibers and inorganic particulate.

The home's air is drawn through the spore trap cassette using a self-contained IAQ pump and then all biological particles are impacted on to the slides surface. The standard for all of our tests are a minimum of 2 samples inside and 1 sample outside (to have a baseline for comparison). These cassettes are then sent to the lab for analysis. The reports will show the type of mold and the amount of mold in the air (per cubic meter).

ACMI can even perform "Behind-the-wall" air samples that will confirm if hidden mold growth exists in the cavity space behind the surface of the wall.

Surface Samples:

(Swab or Bio-Tape Lift)
This is a specific type of test performed when there is visible mold growth. We use a wetted swab or Bio-Tape to lift the growth off the surface and then seal it in a specialized container. This will then be forwarded to an AIHA accredited laboratory for analysis. The report will include the spore name and the description.

Mold testing supplies
This test is useful in confirming type of mold that is present (allergenic, toxic or pathogenic). This test can also be used in conjunction with air sampling to determine if the suspected mold growth has become airborne.

Bulk Sampling:

Bulk samples are typically a 2 x 2 inch piece of material with mold growing on it that is cut from its surroundings.

Carpet Sampling:

Carpet sampling can be a useful tool to help get a "history" of the mold levels & types found inside a home. If there was an active mold problem and the mold spores became airborne, they will settle into the carpet pile.

Bio pump for airborne mold testing